How to improve SEO

How to improve SEO
How to improve SEO

The secret recipe for improving SEO is by exploring your spirit. If you have good energy to enhance your article quality, then halfway to improve SEO is done. How to improve SEO is only a way to increase your passion for writing more quality articles compare to other people article.

But I will give you my secret on how to improve your SEO so you can outsmart other people’s articles and visitors will love your website.

Recipe number one is to publish relevant articles and authoritative content. Quality and quality are the keys to winning the heart of visitors. Quality will drive you more visitors because they love to read your article. When you have a lot of, visitors then automatically, your authority and relevance will be yours. 

Define your keyword carefully because keyword is also the key to unlock the visitor door. Specific keyword phrases will increase a result of search engine results. 

Content is also crucial after page URL, title, and headings, by repeating your keyword more than two times to convince the search engine that your article is the most suitable for the visitor.

Recipe number two is you must write an article regularly. Search engines will frequently visit your website and seeking new articles. If you have a new article, then the search engine bot will be happy but don’t forget to keep the relevance of your writing. 

Recipe number three is using metadata. Why must use metadata ? Because metadata describes your article content. It is essential to using correct metadata for each of your articles. Both title metadata and description meta data will save search engine bot time before they read your entire content.

Recipe number four has a quality and relevant backlink from another website with a similar article to yours. Search some articles that matching with your article topic and inspect them. If the article is good, then kindly ask the writer to do an exchange backlink. Something making a friend is better than competing with each other.

Recipe number five uses alt tags to your images because alt tags give information about your article and give comfort to your reader.

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Learn about SEO ?

What is SEO?
Learn about SEO ?

Learn about SEO ? SEO is an abbreviation from Search Engine Optimization, a way to choose a website for all the people who search at search engines. Because many websites give good information, SEO makes search engines provide the best result for their visitor.

There are many factors to improve SEO level. For example, an article must have a good title and make the reader curious to read the article. So attractive article is a must because, without a good article, the reader will feel useless to read the information.

Website owners must create quality articles so the reader will stay for a long time to read the article, and the result is understood about the piece.

Another sample for good SEO practice is, the article must contain good illustrations because if the article doesn’t have a picture, the reader will feel empty and boring.

There are many factors for SEO, and search engine changes the algorithm to make sure when people search at their search engine, they get the best result and refer to a good website.

We will write another article to give a good explanation and all the SEO factors to understand what you should do when having a good website with a good essay.

These are SEO factors you can remember :

  • URL Structure
  • Using SSL for your website (to use HTTPS instead HTTP)
  • Quality Content (make your best article)
  • Keywords (make sure each of your article has good keywords)
  • Content Structure
  • Meta Tags
  • A backlink from another website (relevant backlink)
  • Speed of your website